Tips Of The Month

Good debt (a home loan, a student loan) should be distinguished from bad debt (such as credit card debt with a high-interest rate). Strive to pay off bad debt as quickly as you can, and remember that much of it may be linked to purchases that reflect wants rather than needs.

Life insurance is not solely for people with spouses and kids. If you are a caregiver to an ill parent, have significant debt, or simply wish to avoid having others pay for your funeral, life insurance coverage could prove very important in the event of your passing.

Golf Tip
Your address position might be affecting your putting

If your putts often come up short, the way you address the ball might be the culprit. Your stance over a putt should allow the putter to strike the ball when the putter is either level to the ground or about a quarter-inch above the ground at the moment of impact.

Health Tip
How Much Coffee Is Too Much?

A large morning latte or mocha… a cup of coffee with lunch… maybe

an iced cappuccino with friends in the evening… it all adds up to a lot of caffeine

per day for a great many of us. Yes, caffeine has some health benefits, but judging by two newly released studies, it seems that 2-4 cups of coffee per day can be good for you, but 5-6 cups per day marks a tipping point. A paper just published in the European Journal of Epidemiology suggests that there is a link between drinking 2-4 cups of coffee daily and lowering your risk of dying from heart disease, lung disease, diabetes, and cancers. (This was actually a mega-study analyzing 40 prior studies on caffeine intake involving nearly 4 million subjects.) A new study appearing in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, however, concludes that drinking six or more cups of coffee per day can raise an individual’s risk of heart disease by as much as 22%. So, enjoy your coffee, but in moderation.


1) Which is correct to say, “The yolk of the egg is

white” or “The yolk of the egg are white”?


2) What does a jealous person, a dollar bill and a

bed of grass all have in common?


3) Until I am measured,

I am not known.

Yet how you miss me,

When I have flown!

What am I?


4) It goes in dry, it comes out wet, the longer it is

in, the stronger it gets. What is it?


5) I have streets but no pavement,

I have cities but no buildings,

I have forests but no trees,

I have rivers yet no water.

What am I?


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